Save The Music Lineup — Saturday May 22


What a beautiful weekend on deck! We’ll see you downtown as our Save the Music Outdoor Performance series continues Saturday from 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Tune in to WCHL 97.9 FM daily to support local Chapel Hill musicians! Catch Live & Local with host Aaron Keck from 6 p.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday. Visit Chapelboro.com for more information.

Catchfire Collective

Catchfire Collective will perform at Peace and Justice Plaza.

Catchfire Collective presents innovative, powerful, and inspiring performances that reignite the chamber music experience. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Catchfire’s members represent a dynamic background of artistic approaches, offering unique performances that capture the ethos of twenty-first century music. Their innovative programming has been met with audience and critical acclaim, praised as “magical” and featuring “relentless pulse, contrasting textures, and beautiful individual playing.” In 2019, Catchfire was the featured ensemble at the 2nd Annual Darkwater Women in Music Festival. Catchfire has also been featured as a guest artist at Virginia Tech, Towson University, and Grand Valley State University.

Autumn Nicholas

Autumn Nicholas will perform at 140 West Plaza/Que Chula.

Autumn Nicholas is a vibrant, gifted artist, vocalist, songwriter and performer who has amazed audiences around the country.  Reminiscent of the singer/songwriter sensibility of Julia Michaels, James Bray, and Ed Sheeran, with the warmth of Adele and the soul of Etta James, Nicholas’ lyrics and melodies tell stories. Stories about love, pain, loss, and hope. She seamlessly blends pop alternative melodies that become part of your daily playlist. Her textured vocals create imagery that brings the listener in so they feel that her journey is their journey. She is an award-winning artist and performer that connects with fans in large venues and small intimate performances. Her upcoming EP, Shades of Beige, showcases her vocal range and lyrical sensibilities with pop infused, guitar-driven melodies.

Learn more at Autumn’s website.

Stevan Jackson

Stevan Jackson will perform at Blue Dogwood Public Market.

One can see Stevan wearing several hats. One of those is as a singer-songwriter, writing melodies and lyrics to songs in different genres and with multi-variant themes. He uses different instruments as vehicles to convey the message of his songs to his audience. Stevan also composes instrumental pieces for Celtic harp, guitar, piano, mandolin, and banjo. Shows performed by Stevan often encompasses only his original material.

As a performer of traditional ballads and stories, Stevan sings material with messages that will move an audience as well as make them think about life. Like a silversmith who produces fine works of jewelry and other precious items, Stevan is a tunesmith who, through the use of a variety of musical instruments, weaves together song and story with a magical flair. During his eclectic weaving, the audience may hear Celtic harp, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, Autoharp, or tin whistle intertwined in the background of a song or a story. Or he may weave melody and counter melody into an instrumental solo of fine musical lace and filigree within a folk, classical, pop, jazz, or original melodic setting. Much of his material highlights music from different cultures in an informative and entertaining manner.

Learn more about Stevan Jackson by visiting his website.