Save the Music lineup —  April 3


With cooler temps returning for the weekend, our four performers are scheduled to play from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

We were bummed to have to cancel last Saturday’s performances due to severe storms in the area, but hope that this week’s return of our Save the Music outdoor performance series is a greater success because of the break.

Get dinner and/or drinks at your favorite downtown restaurant or bar. Take the opportunity to stroll through downtown to hear all of the musicians, shop and stay socially distanced and safe.

Continue to mind the 3Ws in accordance with all state and Orange Co. public health guidelines. Do not gather/crowd around the artists, do give a tip and applause from a nearby outdoor seating spaces.

This event series will support the artists who don’t have stadiums, concert halls or clubs to perform in. Know a performer looking to get paid for their talent? We are accepting new performer submissions all spring HERE.

J Candeed

Hear J Candeed at Peace & Justice Plaza.

J Candeed (Joel Vance) is a Mississippi-born artist.

After 20 years in the music industry as a drummer, Joel is finally releasing his first solo self-titled album of original songs, featuring the mandola, bass, and snare drums all played by one man.

With strong folk & bluegrass influences, ‘J Candeed’ uses a unique psychedelic twist to introduce listeners to new riffs, patterns and tempos that keep them guessing.

Enjoy music samples & find out more here.

Ari Pappalardo

Catch Ari’s music in front of Blue Dogwood Public Market (behind Purple Bowl, Jimmy John’s & Chimney).

Ari is a musician born in Raleigh, N.C. His influences come from the many musical projects he’s been a part of. Ari performs a plethora of styles on guitar as he sings, honoring crowd favorites while putting an original spin on their delivery.

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Andrew Gilreath

Catch Andrew’s music at 140 West Franklin St. outside of Que Chula.

Andrew is a solo performer, playing guitar and signing. He has been playing shows around the Triangle for the past 10+ years.  Andrew is a regular at the Wakefield Wine Cellar (pre-pandemic) and has also played at venues including Full Steam Brewery in Durham and Gizmo Brew Works in Raleigh.

Enjoy music samples & find out more here.

Sway & Smooth

Listen to Sway & Smooth Saturday near Porthole Alley on E. Franklin St. (between Carolina Coffee Shop, Cosmic Cantina, & Johnny T-Shirt).

Rony Thomas & Avery Linderman make up this duo. Linderman is a professional guitarist/musician and a UNC graduate with a Bachelors Degree in music (Jazz Guitar Performance). Avery plays regularly in the Triangle area doing solo guitar, duo, trio, and quartet sets with bandmates. Avery has performed several shows at the Sharp 9 jazz gallery, The Carolina Inn, Circa 1888 and the Station. Rony “Smooth” Thomas plays the piano in this duo.

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