Save the Music Lineup — April 17


Get dinner and/or drinks at your favorite downtown restaurant or bar. Take the opportunity to stroll through downtown to hear all of the musicians, shop and stay socially distanced and safe. See you from 6 – 8 p.m.!

Continue to mind the 3Ws in accordance with all state and Orange Co. public health guidelines. Do not gather/crowd around the artists, do give a tip and applause from a nearby outdoor seating spaces.

This event series will support the artists who don’t have stadiums, concert halls or clubs to perform in. Know a performer looking to get paid for their talent? We are accepting new performer submissions all spring HERE.

Tre Charles

Hear Tre Charles at Epilogue.

Check out Tre Charles’ website here.

Laura Faughtenberry

Listen to Laura in front of Blue Dogwood Public Market (behind Purple Bowl, Jimmy John’s & Chimney).

Laura has been signing her entire life, but just learned to play guitar last year (2019). She sings pop/r&b songs and plays the electric guitar.

Follow Laura on Instagram.

Listen to her original songs and covers on YouTube.

Jack the Songman

Catch Jack the Songman at 140 West Franklin St. outside of Que Chula.

Jack the Songman is a singer-songwriter from Chapel Hill and recent UNC graduate with a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. During quarantine, Jack has been performing virtual concerts from his living room. Jack sings and play piano with two other musicians accompanying him on bass and drums (Antoine Sieredzki and Eddie Burgard, respectively).

Watch Jack’s most recent livestream on YouTube or see the past two shows on his Instagram page.

Jon Ward Beyle

Listen to John Ward Beyle perform at the Chapel Hill Nine Marker.

An eighth-generation native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jon Ward Beyle has been musically inspired by his homeland his entire life. To the west he heard earthy, folk Mountain music and to the east he heard Carolina beach music. Nestled in the middle, just outside of the University town, Beyle came of age in this creative, down-home, intellectual hotbed. First taking up guitar and drums, while also dabbling in piano, Beyle eventually found his way to the banjo, the instrument that led him to a world of old-time, folk, bluegrass, and Americana music.

Learn more about Jon Ward Beyle here.


Listen to Stichomythia at Peace and Justice Plaza.

Follow Stichomythia on Instagram.