Memorial Day Weekend Save the Music lineup

We are ready for the long weekend and have our eyes locked on the forecast.

Right now, the Save the Music Outdoor Performance series continues Saturday, May 29, from 6 p.m.-8 p.m.
We will announce any changes to the day/time of planned performances via our Twitter and Facebook pages, if weather requires adjustments. Be sure to follow us (and turn on notifications)!

Tune in to WCHL 97.9 FM daily to support local Chapel Hill musicians! Catch Live & Local with host Aaron Keck from 6 p.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday. Visit Chapelboro.com for more information.

My Friend Paul

Paul Bogas will perform at Talulla’s/near the closed West End Wine Bar.

Paul Bogas, who performs as My Friend Paul, is a singer-songwriter except for the singer part, although he has decided to sing anyway. In his youth, Paul played guitar in, and wrote songs for, various power pop bands, including The Pop Mechanics (who played at, among other places, CBGB in NYC) and in several bar bands, including the HighBeams and Bondy, who played a million places, just not necessarily that well. None of these bands would let Paul sing, or made any money, and so, disillusioned with the music business, Paul quit for 30 years. During that time he ran away to Micronesia, wrote award-winning plays, published short stories and poetry, and built two people from the ground up with a little help from their mother. One day, upon hearing a little bird, Paul had an epiphany that no one had to “let” him sing, and so he broke into song (the part about the bird is not strictly true), and because no one has been able to stop him from singing since, he has embarked on this latest and most inexplicable phase in his musical odyssey. Paul writes a mixed bag of indie pop and singer-songwriter compositions. Some of it’s weird or funny, but most of it isn’t. Some of it is so sad and beautiful that it makes Pete cry. Paul believes that vulnerability is the secret sauce of his music. In 2019, My Friend Paul released its debut EP, “Little Birds,” and I (full disclosure: I am Paul) encourage you to buy as many copies as you and your parents can afford.

Listen to My Friend Paul’s music HERE.

Rob Gelblum

Catch Rob Gelblum near Porthole Alley, near Johnny T-Shirt on E. Franklin St.

Rob has been playing guitar and piano, and singing, for over 50 years. The thing that all his songs have in common, regardless of genre, is soulfulness. He plays everything from folk to R&B, pre-’90s rock, Americana, bluegrass, reggae, Appalachian, old-time, mountain, soul and older country.

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Russell Howard of The Auxiliary

Hear Russell Howard performing at Peace & Justice Plaza.

Carrboro’s The Auxiliary is the forthcoming project of songwriter and producer Russell Howard (US). After years touring the country as a solo songwriter, Russell’s musical ambitions began to exceed the boundaries of the acoustic format. From touring with pop production maven Teddy Geiger, to working behind the scenes on Balún’s 2018 record Prisma Tropical, Russell’s expanding horizon of influences spawned a new approach to music making. Never content slotting into any one scene or subgenre, The Auxiliary brings the same sense of “coloring outside the lines dividing mainstream pop and indie folk” (The Dallas Morning News) that defined Russell’s previous work, but with a widened sonic palette of synthesized and electrified sounds, song structures, and instrumentation.

Sample Russell’s sound & find out more here.

Wake Moody

Catch Wake Moody at 140 West Franklin St. between Rosemary Street & Franklin Street, along Church Street (near Que Chula).

Durham, NC artist Wake Moody stays focused on good vibes, with music that fuses R&B/soul with singer-songwriter pop. “My childhood was sound-tracked by my parents’ favorite R&B, classic rock and soul records,” he explains, an influence apparent in his band’s soulful live shows, featuring hypnotic grooves and three-part harmonies.

Wake Moody’s debut EP, Shivers, released March 2019. Since then he’s played at the NC State Fair, the Eno River Festival, the Pinhook, Local 506 and more.

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Enjoy music samples & find out more here.