Support Downtown

Downtown Chapel Hill’s businesses have always depended on you, and today they need your support more than ever.

Please visit our COVID-19 page (drop down menu in the top right corner of this webpage) and scroll down for a full list of fundraisers for individual businesses in our district.

XDCH is also raising funds that will help breathe new life into our vibrant community and encourage people to visit the shops and restaurants that make Chapel Hill a unique destination.

Your donation will support:

  • Expanding and improving sidewalk space for outdoor dining and retail
    • Funding grants for businesses to purchase outdoor dining furniture
    • Enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor spaces with landscaping
    • Maintaining safe and clean outdoor spaces
  • Hosting of free events
    • Booking entertainers, performers and musicians
    • Outdoor workouts and activities
    • Providing refreshments
    • Renting or purchasing materials and equipment, such as seating, stages, tents, etc. 

In addition to the items and activities above, we will continue to look for additional ways we can help businesses provide a welcoming, fun and family-friendly environment downtown.

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Mama Dips - Spring Council
Uniquities - Julie Jennings
Vegan Flava Cafe - Yah-I Assar